S & LJ Rigby Contractors Pty Ltd now t/as Quitleak has been operating for over thirty years as a small, family owned company  and in that time has gained a vast amount of knowledge working in the drainage, construction and earthmoving industries.  The key services we offer are in the areas of civil drainage construction and water infiltration prevention as outlined below:

Civil Construction

  • Construction of brick and liner manholes for both sewer and storm water drainage situations
  • Construction of wet wells & pump stations
  • Construction of concrete benches, chases and channels within manholes – both live and in newly constructed sewer lines
  • Construction of brick and concrete electrical pits
  • Construction of brick manhole tops
  • Adjustment of manholes – raising and lowering the manholes to suit surrounding ground levels
  • Installation of manhole steps &
  • Installation of gatic cover, frame and lids
  • Repair to all aspects of manholes both new & old, storm water or sewer drainage systems
  • The services of a fully qualified bricklayer with many years experience in the construction of civil and domestic projects.

Water Infiltration Prevention

  • Injection of polyurethane products into ground, to a depth of up to 6m, using a high pressure mechanised pumping system to repair water infiltration around leaking pipes & access chambers – poly & concrete
  • Leak repair in and around storm water and sewer access chambers and associated pipe work
  • Water proofing to expansion joints; floor slabs; and tunnel segments
  • Re-bonding to damaged concrete and steel re-enforcement within all drainage applications
  • Soil stabilization
  • Underpinning foundations
  • Void filling

Supply of Related Materials:

The polyurethane products we employ are non toxic and do not harm the environment.  We regularly use TamPur 130, for example, which has an excellent record in terms of successful application and the absence of environmental pollution both here, in the eastern states of Australia and the rest of the world.  Product information sheets can be forwarded as required.

We hope the information we have supplied is of interest, and we look forward to hearing from you if we can be of service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding this information or if you require further assistance.

Stanley Rigby


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